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What Is Ownership?

Because Deep Roots is a cooperative, it is owned and controlled by the people who use its services. You may be familiar with a conventional corporation, which exists to generate profit for its shareholders.  A co-op is unique and special, because its purpose is not to generate profit, but to maximize services to its customers and the local community.
Thanks to the support you provide, we are able to stay in business, even through recessions. We maximize the needs of our owners by returning our profits to you through Patronage Dividends, Owner Sales and Owner Appreciation Months, and store improvements, as well as investments in our community.
You become an owner by purchasing a share in the Co-op. Owners exercise their ownership by electing their fellow owners to the Board of Directors, which hires and guides the general manager. The management and staff handle daily operations. The board and management report to the owners on the state of the business at our Annual Meeting. Finally, you support the growth and mission of Deep Roots through your patronage and loyalty. Thank you!
When you become a Deep Roots owner, you receive an Ownership card, and the good feeling that comes with supporting a community-owned venture. Plus, many owners find that the financial benefits of ownership soon make up for the initial investment they put into the Co-op by purchasing a share!
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