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Considering Ownership in the Co-op?

Only $100 per household for a lifetime of benefits. Support your local co-op! Not an owner? Learn more.

October is Owner Appreciation Month

Owners, take 10% off your total purchase* any day you choose during the month of October!

The Community Room

Looking for a place to meet? We offer a flexible, attractive space for clubs, organizations and other area interest groups. Check out the specs and see the latest schedule here.

The Co-op Living Tree

Greensboro sculptor Jim Gallucci has brought his particular brand of artistry to our store. Read all about it, and how you can participate in the sculpture!

Local, Fresh & Friendly!

Now in downtown Greensboro, we've got more space and products and an enlarged staff of friendly, knowledgeable folks to help you. As a co-op, we're a bit different from other stores - see how!

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Owners Specials sales, for owners only, generally run the entire month (unless otherwise noted).

While the Owners Specials flyer shows sale highlights, there are dozens more items on sale than can be listed.

Everybody Saves & Co-op Deals sales, available to all shoppers, run in two cycles - "A" and "B".

Co-op Deals sales cycles run for 2-3 weeks; Everybody Saves are at managers' discretion. Owner Specials generally run for the whole month.

Deep Roots Market Accepts a Variety of Payment Options

These include:

Visa MasterCard Check Food Stamps Cash

Deep Roots No Longer Uses Plastic Bags

In February 2009, we banished plastic bags from our checkout counters. Find out why.

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October is Owner Appreciation Month!

Owners, take 10% off your total purchase* any day you choose during the month of October!

*includes all items not already on sale

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