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Wednesday, February 08, 2017
By Deep Roots Market
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The Deep Roots Market Board of Directors is pleased to announce that it has hired Nicole Villano as Interim General Manager.  Ms. Villano has years of grocery management experience, which includes setting up and managing our store’s Food Service Dept. and a stint overseeing Marketing.  She recently returned to Deep Roots after some time away and was working in the Wellness Dept. prior to now becoming Interim GM.  We feel fortunate to have Nicole on board, given her breadth of experience, leadership skills, and commitment to the Co-Op.  Please offer congratulations when you see her in the store!

The Board is planning to have 2 or 3 meetings to hear from Owners in March and April. The goal of these meetings will be to encourage Owner Engagement and gather feedback for the direction of the store.  Stay tuned for dates and more info!

The current schedule is for the Greenway construction in front of the store to be completed March 10.  We’re looking forward to the beautiful new streetscape that our block will then have.  Meanwhile, please continue to shop at the Co-op.  We need your business!  Despite the construction, there is always unimpeded access into and out of our parking lot.

As announced last week, the Annual Owners Meeting will be Saturday May 6th.  There will be 5 seats up for election on the Board of Directors.  We need skilled, committed owners to run for the Board.  We will have more details soon about the election process.  For now please be thinking about whether this is a way you may want to serve our Co-op community.

You can reach the Board at boardofdirectors@deeprootsmarket.com .


Joel Landau, Board President

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