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Directions to Our Store

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Monday - Saturday: 7:30 am - 9 pm
Sunday: 8:30 am - 8 pm

The Co-op Cafe patio is open from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm Monday - Saturday and from 8:30 am - 7:30 pm on Sunday.


Deep Roots Market is located just north of downtown at 600 North Eugene Street, between Smith Street (which runs one way going east) and Fisher Avenue (which runs one way going west). Click the link above to enlarge the map or to launch Google Maps. From that page, you will be able to type in your addres to get directions specific to you.


From downtown, walkers and cyclists may take Eugene Street directly to the store. There are no dedicated bike lanes in downtown Greensboro, however, so use extreme caution when navigating busy streets; this is especially the case during morning and evening rush hours on Smith Street, if you're coming from the south part of downtown or further out. From the UNCG area, you can get to us a variety of ways, but safer bike routes use neighborhood streets rather than main thoroughfares. For example, from UNCG, take Friendly Avenue east and then make a left onto Mendenhall Street; make a right onto Guilford Avenue; make a left onto North Cedar Street; make a right onto Smith Street and continue east up the hill until you reach North Eugene Street. When you reach the new Greenway at Fisher Park Apartments, you're almost there - we're right across the street.

For walkers in area neighborhoods, paved sidewalks provide easy access. Sidewalks also extend from the downtown area through UNCG. Phase 3B of the Downtown Greenway is now under construction and will run along the north side of Smith Street between North Eugene Street and Spring Street, directly adjacent to the Greenway at Fisher Park Apartments. Lane closures can be expected as the curb and utilities on the south side of Smith will be relocated further north to accommodate necessary roadway adjustments, so be aware in coming months that some physical routes may be temporarily blocked or require extra caution. Read more about the Downtown Greenway project here.


From the downtown Depot, head southwest toward S. Davie St. Turn right onto S. Davie St. Turn left onto E. Friendly Ave. Turn right onto N. Eugene St. The store will be on the right.

For other bus directions, please see the Greensboro Transit Authority page for route information, and links to maps and timetables.