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Now Offering More Choices than Ever in Our Produce Department

Deep Roots Market has seen many changes over the last 18 months, moving into a brand new, larger store in a thriving downtown neighborhood. Our customer and community base has expanded. We have been offering local organic produce from area farms all along, but some shoppers have asked why we don't carry more local and regional produce, or why we don't have more affordable options on seasonal items like peaches or watermelon. After some deliberation, we've decided to alter our Produce policy to better reflect the policies of fellow co-ops like Weaver Street Market, Company Shops and Chatham Marketplace. All these stores feature and promote organic and local organic produce, while also offering conventional alternatives when it makes sense to their customers.

We plan to keep ALL the local and organic produce that you buy and expect us to have, from organic greens, salad mix, potatoes, onions and herbs to organic apples, berries, lemons and more. In addition to these items, we will now have local and regional favorites, as well as customer-preferred items that might not be available organically, or can be priced beyond the budgets of many of our shoppers. These may include local melons, local and hothouse tomatoes, local peaches, local NC and Virginia apples, and other items grown on the Eastern seaboard, which is much nearer than produce being trucked in from California or Washington state. This will enable us to support other local and regional farmers that we currently can't buy from under the existing Produce policy, at the same time we will be saving natural resources by reducing our food transportation footprint by thousands of miles, and promoting more products from NC, SC and Virginia. Again, for our valued organic shoppers, we will NOT be eliminating any organic items, and ALL produce will be clearly labeled organic, local, and/or conventional.

In accordance with our store mission, this move also helps the co-op to reach out to shoppers living in our downtown community who would like access to nutritious but less expensive options. Good, healthy food should be within reach of everyone, and it's our intention to honor the words you see on the outside of our building: Organic, Local and Natural. We need and appreciate the support of our owners in this change. Owner comments are always welcome -- if you have any questions or concerns, Produce Manager Matt Felling and General Manager Paul Griswold are happy to talk to you about any individual items concerns you may have.

Some of the farms and farmers we carry include:

Farlow Farm

Faucette Farms

Eggmans's Eggs & Produce

Guilford College Farm

Eastern Carolina Organics (ECO)

Uwharrie Farms

We support and encourage organic growing practices in the North Carolina area as well as regional organizations that support farmers. Check out the endeavors of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association and Local Harvest. Do you know a local grower? Let us know!