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Deep Roots carries thousands of high-quality natural products, all of which are carefully chosen by our managers and staff to assist you in living a healthier, more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

To find out if we carry specific items, choose a department from the list in the left column.

We offer wholesome, pure products. We focus on buying products that are locally and organically grown or made. We do not knowingly carry products with artificial colors or sweeteners, GMO ingredients, synthetic growth hormones, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, ingredients from cloned animals, or aluminum. Our fresh produce is all grown on farms practicing organic techniques. We give priority to companies and vendors that practice environmental sustainability, invest in their communities, treat animals ethically, and use fair labor practices.

We also carry:

  • Dairy-free, gluten-free & allergen-free foods
  • Meats, eggs & dairy
  • Fair Trade coffee, tea, sugar & chocolate
  • Bulk nuts, beans, grains, pastas, flours, dried fruits, granolas, snacks, honey & sweeteners, tea & coffee
  • Bulk culinary & medicinal herbs & spices
  • Vitamins, supplements & homeopathic remedies
  • Hair & skin care products & cosmetics
  • Essential oils, flower essences & incense
  • Environmentally safe cleaners & reusable bags
  • Gift Cards - available in any amount!

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