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Deep Roots is proud to support local farmers, food producers, restauranteurs, bakers, soap makers and more! By working directly with vendors from our surrounding areas, we:

  • Support the local economy, keeping dollars in our community
  • Cut down on precious fossil fuel use and the resulting pollution
  • Provide fresher, more trustworthy products
  • Get to eat food that tastes better

The co-op is committed to supporting sustainable, healthy living. We carry locally produced goods whenever possible. Money we spend on local food is good for the economy, because it stays in our region. It brings us closer to the people who grow our food, and helps support family farms. Since it doesn’t travel far, local food helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Finally, it is more nutritious, and tastes better because it's often harvested the same day it arrives at the co-op.

Local vendors deliver direct to our door every day. Some of them may already be familiar to you because they are vendors at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market. These include:

Zaytoon Mediterranean Cafe

Faucette Farms

Goat Lady Dairy

Some of our local, in-season produce comes from Eastern Carolina Organics (ECO), a farmer-owned distributor based in Pittsboro, NC. 

Other local producers we support:

Spring Garden Bakery

Twin Oaks Tofu

LOAF Bakery

Loving Scents Aromatherapy

Organic Valley's local program

Calico Farmstead Cheese

Charlie's Soap

Ninth Street Bakery

Eggman's Eggs

Running River Ranch meats

Massey Creek Farms eggs and meats

Guy Parker's Bar*B*Q Sauce

L & B Apiaries honey

Homeland Creamery dairy products

Green Mountain Gringo chips and salsa

Delight Soy soy patties and nuggets

Little Red Wagon granola

Gaia Herbs herbal supplements

From the Earth jams and jellies

Uncle Scott's All Natural Root Beer

Raw Shakti Chocolate raw organic chocolate bars

buchi raw kombucha tea drink

Zen Cat Bakery gluten free cookies, baked goods, breads, and more

Blue Mountain Organics sprouted flours, raw vegan cashew ice cream, kale chips, and more

Joni's Kale Chips


Who's your favorite farmer? Do you have a favorite local product that we should carry? Contact Us to let us know about it!