Because Deep Roots Market is a cooperative, our primary purpose is to deliver good products and services that you, the owners, ask for -- not just to make a profit. So, we're proud to offer quality items at reasonable prices every day.

There are a variety of ways to save additional money on your checkout bill. No matter whether you're an owner with the co-op or a regular shopper, you may receive Co-op Deals prices on dozens of products every day. These sales change every two weeks. If you're an owner, you'll receive additional sales, which change every month.

Check out our current sales flyers to preview these sales before you come in to shop, or just pick up the flyers in the store. You can also sign up to receive our e-newsletter, which includes links to both flyers.

PLEASE NOTE: As stated in every month's Co-op Deals sales flyers, "Some items may not be available at all stores or on the same days."

If you are interested in a particular advertised item and you plan to drive some distance to purchase it, please call first to make sure we have it in stock. Although Co-op Deals are negotiated country-wide exclusively for cooperatives, some items are not available through manufacturers or distributors in our region, or for various other reasons beyond our control. We appreciate your understanding.