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Apply to the Board of Directors

It’s Election Time!

The Board of Directors for Deep Roots has nine seats.  Meet the current Board members on this page. Each year, three seats are up for election.  We are currently accepting applications from owners for board candidates. This is an exciting time of expansion for the co-op, both in physical size and presence in the community.  Prospective directors will preferably have board or committee experience and time to invest in co-op governance (about 12 hours monthly). The Board would be well served by individuals who are connected with other organizations in our city or county to help strengthen the co-op’s outreach efforts.  You can download an application here. We ask prospective directors to attend a board meeting on either March 28th or April 25th prior to the elections in May.  If you have any questions, please email us at or use our contact page.

Please save the Board of Directors application. You may type in your answers and send it as an attachment to the Board of Directors email.